Direnc Metal works for sustainable growth and aims to have a say in the technologies that will domminate the future.Direnc is cooperating with Inarten Company for all its research and development activities.

Operational Excellence with R & D

R & D and Innovation Facility

With over 30 years experience Direnc Metal are confident our advice to customers will provide the correct solutions to their fixings and fastening requirements. Initial component design can be evaluated by our team of skilled engineers and where necessary handmade prototype samples can be produced for customer appraisal.

The use of powerful 3D CAD design software, prototyping tools and competent staff allows us to develop new products that meet the functional need of customers.


Direnc R&D takes scientific studies and quality as a principle, aims;

In all of our R&D activities, flexible and solution-oriented perspective, participation, sustainability, ethical values, establishment of work unions and human value are considered as priority.

Minimizing quality issues and world class production

Provide faster feedback on problems

Improvement of existing products

New innovative solutions to meet customer needs